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The 8 Money Archetypes

A 3-Day Free Course To Learn the money types & their strategies so you can assess your relationship with money, dissolve old money patterns & move towards prosperity.

This Is For You If…

👉🏻  You are an entrepreneur so that you can live your life on your terms… to do what you want when you want.

👉🏻  You’re making money but not what you want to be making and you feel burnt out doing all the things.

👉🏻  You know your money mindset is getting in your way of making the money you desire but you don’t know how.

👉🏻  You make the money but you live in anxiety, fear, and just utter uncomfortable-ness around making and/or spending money. No matter how much there is you fear it will not be enough.

👉🏻  You’re serious about taking a hard look at yourself and owning it all, forgiving, and healing your money wounds.

👉🏻  You’re ready to meet the 8 players in the money game and which ones are sabotaging your attempts at creating the income you desire.

Start Date: Monday, January 18th at 2pm EST

Day One: The 8 Players in the Money Game (The Money Archetypes)

Archetypes are symbolic and represent patterns of behavior or ideas that are a part of the “collective unconscious”. They are useful for interpreting/observing your own behaviors that are largely unconscious. I will teach you about the 8 archetypes, their characteristics, and which archetypes are active in your life right now that are stopping you from creating true financial freedom.

Day Two: Strategies For The Archetypes

Every archetype has its own difficulties, so I am going to teach you strategies for your difficult and active money archetypes.

Day Three: Healing The Archetypes & Prize Winner Announcement

To create long lasting change in your life and with money and relationships, healing is a necessary pathway. I will teach you what needs to be healed in each archetype.



Access into my Money Coaching Circle (Worth $1888)           

The most engaged person during the course will win free access into my Money Coaching Circle. The Money Coaching Circle is a dynamic way to help uncover, examine, and transform unconscious patterns and beliefs about money. We benefit from hearing other’s stories while the work we do as a group remains confidential and judgement-free. As part of the circle, you will be able to look at your relationship with money and move beyond limiting behaviors that keep you from realizing your goals and dreams, both financially and professionally.

1:1 Money Coaching Core-Process & Beyond ($1111 Value)

The person who invites the most people into the free course will win 4 weeks of 1:1 Money Coaching with me. Together we will determine how you are hardwired around money in ways that are generally not fully conscious. By the final session you will have a clear understanding of your core money patterns and their origin + strategies to implement for change.

1 Copy of Money Magic Book & 1 Copy of The Heart of Money Book 

If you post a video testimonial about The 8 Money Archetypes Course on your social media page, share the link and tag me, you will be entered into a drawing for 2 FREE books sent straight to your door.

Financial FREEDOM and being the CEO of my own business is all I ever wanted.

I wanted FREEDOM to buy what I want, live where I want, travel to where I want, and have the money to be able to do IT ALL!

I wanted FREEDOM from working my ass off and just making enough money to pay my student loans, credit card debt, rent, and food.

I wanted FREEDOM from worry, anxiety, and fear around money and to make more of it and work less doing what my soul came here to do.

So I took the leap!

I leaped toward what I did not know was stopping me from making money and doing what I’m passionate about.


Now I always have more than enough money and I never run out!

Now, I am financially FREE!

Now I am the CEO of my own business and get to impact hundreds of people along my life’s journey, just like I always wanted to.

Now, I LOVE what I do and I get to do what I want when I want.

And you can too.