Body & Mind Wellness Coaching

Body & Mind Wellness Coaching

Zoey Shannon’s effectiveness as a coach lies within her passions of health, wellness, spirituality, and personal finance. With her holistic approach to coaching, Zoey’s ultimate goal is to guide her clients toward achieving a balanced life, and to arm them with the tools needed to uncover their most empowered selves.

After overcoming her own life challenges and traumas, Zoey realized the importance of looking inward to identify longstanding patterns and behaviors which create “blocks” within a person’s life. Now, she has dedicated her life’s work to helping others find their own inner peace, and innate power.

Certified Money Coach

“It’s a pleasure to recommend Zoey! She is my coach and she is making my journey possible. When we set my goals for weight loss it seemed out of reach, but I’m happy to let you know that I reached my 20 pound goal 2 weeks ahead of time! I have gone off track, but Zoey has helped me keep on going.”

Manuel E., Business Owner

“If you want more energy, vitality, and the feeling of being fit, than Zoey is the person you want to work with. I trust her to work and partner with me in getting to my physical fitness goals.”

Ramòn E., Business Development Manager

“Zoey’s approach of getting you fitter and healthier is quite encompassing. She showed me how my life was unbalanced and that my usual workouts weren’t working for me anymore. On top of that I had an injury at 50 that I kept using as an excuse. So 2 years later, I met Zoey who taught me about nutrition and really caring about my body. Consequently, I’m eating healthier than before, which has not only improved my weight, but also my mood and sleep. She’s amazing at keeping me accountable while being supportive and encouraging. ”

Brontë C., CEO