Meet Zoey

About The Coach

Certified Money Coach

Zoey Shannon’s effectiveness as a coach lies within her passions of health, wellness, spirituality, and personal finance. With her holistic approach to coaching, Zoey’s ultimate goal is to guide her clients toward achieving a balanced life, and to arm them with the tools needed to uncover their most empowered selves.

After overcoming her own life challenges and traumas, Zoey realized the importance of looking inward to identify longstanding patterns and behaviors which create “blocks” within a person’s life. Now, she has dedicated her life’s work to helping others find their own inner peace, and innate power.

Through her varied work as a Finance Manager with Landmark Worldwide, an in-home therapist to autistic children, as well as a fitness coach, Zoey’s experience enables her to provide her clients with a 360° approach to becoming their most prosperous, vibrant selves – in all areas of their lives.

Zoey is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and has a Bachelors of Science in Health Psychology from Bastyr University. Zoey is also an Introduction Leader for Landmark Worldwide and formerly a Certified Behavior Technician at Early Intervention Specialists. She currently resides in Upper Arlington, Ohio.

“I have been doing business since a very young age, but I had never stopped to see what was the problem on the ventures that didn’t work out! With Zoey’s coaching we were able to see things that affected how I reacted to different situations in my life! Now I can see problems, find solutions, and take actions to make my business grow to new levels!”

Manuel E., Business Owner

“Before Zoey’s coaching I was working 60+ hour weeks and weekends just trying to get by. With her coaching I was able to dismantle my fears of the unknown and trust myself to hire employees to work my business. Then I landed a job that utilized my horticulture degree and increased my income by 50%.

Working with Zoey, I also dismantled stories I had about how dating never worked for me, and now I am in a long term relationship with a girl I love dearly.”

Tanner S., Wholesale Plant Broker