Have you ever felt guilty or unworthy of asking for more money or think “I’m just not that type of person to have more, make more, spend more or invest in myself…?”

You’re not alone.

I used to feel the exact same way and not just me.

4 out of every 5 women feel the same way…

It’s one of the key reasons women typically don’t make a lot of money.

But the good news is…

You don’t have to feel that way anymore. 


To be your own money boss.

Become the conscious money creator you know you can be.

Feel excited about money.

Know deep down just how worthy of money you are.

Make friends with debt that then debt just naturally begins to resolve itself.

Feel free around money & find peace of mind.

Create an overflow of money.

Ditch the limiting beliefs about money and know your full financial potential.

Do you find yourself saying “not this again” when it comes to sabotaging patterns and behaviors with money (and you know these ways of being no longer serve you)? 

I’ve been where you are.


I’ve lived off student loans and credit cards. I’ve worked at jobs I hated for lousy pay.


I’ve lived in some crappy apartments. I’ve paid money I didn’t have just to get out of a lease that I couldn’t afford. I’ve driven some shitty cars until they wouldn’t drive anymore.


I remember the day I was finally so fed up with the way things had gone up until then that I told my mom (and like, everyone) with pure determination, a burning desire, and conviction that I was going to make more money than I ever had before.




I know you’re ready to get off the MF struggle bus with money too, and to say..


Bye-bye to the poverty mindset!

💗Step into a higher income version of yourself & quantum leap to your next level of abundance.

💗Transform at a cellular level & build prosperity pathways in your brain.

💗Forgive, release, and receive more love, abundance, & money.

💗Learn to become financially magnetic.

💗Make a huge impact that you are highly compensated for.

💗Create time and financial freedom that comes from being your own boss.

💗View your money and debt from a different perspective and free yourself up to be in action.

“I just want to thank Zoey, she is really really good!

I love her so much. After working with her in just one week, we got a check in the mail, and that check was for $24,000!!! Yeahhhh!!! This is so cool! She really takes and awakens the issues that you have with money and helps you see them in yourself. Thank you, Zoey! Just in one week of work! I wonder what’s going to happen by the end of the course! Love you, Zoey!”

– Melissa Hite

For a savings and checking account you are proud of?


For more ease, love, and trust around money and with yourself?


More time spent with the ones you love and vacations you’ve been dreaming of?


To step into your power and pride about the work you do and the compensation you receive?

Awaken to the lifetime of money programming you’ve been going through life with and discover who you really are beyond the veil of illusion. This module is all about awareness and awareness is your key to your personal fortress of financial freedom.


Burn that $hit to the ground, Queen! Everything you thought was a permanent shit show in your life is no longer working for you and it must be released. Forgiving the ones who wronged you, the ones who were supposed to protect you, and most importantly, forgive yourself. You’ll also release old emotions and limiting beliefs that have been following you for possibly lifetimes and that likely aren’t even yours but were inherited from others. This module is all about burning it all to the ground before you rebuild.


Once you strip away what no longer serves you, you have a beautiful blank canvas to create your own un-fuckable-with fortress of all that you desire and know to be true for you.  You get to choose what you want, what you believe, and where you’re going. In this module you will create quantum goals and I will install them directly into your timeline out in your future and you will call forth your deepest desires.


Life gets to be easier, now.


Money gets to be easier, now.


Communication gets to be easier, now.


Relationships gets to be easier, now.


Everything gets to be easier when you do the mf work.
















I love being in Zoey’s money course. It has brought light to unconscious patterns that have been affecting my ability to receive and handle money.

Being in a community with other like-minded women and hearing their stories allows me to hold up a mirror and understand myself more deeply. I’m grateful for this journey and how my relationship with money will continue to heal + serve me. ♥️”

– Dr. savannah bukant

“Before I did Queendom Come, I was living paycheck to paycheck with immense anxiety around money and unable to get out of that cycle even though I was finally at a job that paid me the most I had ever made, I was still stuck in that cycle.

Zoey and I had a discovery call to discuss the program and why I would want to do it. I almost didn’t join because I didn’t think I could afford to add that monthly payment, I also had a weird view around credit card debt that we talked through. In that call I decided to trust Zoey and signed up for the program. I immediately panicked because I was now on the hook for paying for this course but I started doing the deep inner work and things started to shift – and they shifted quickly. My thoughts around money and attracting abundance into my life have completely changed…after just 6 weeks of doing the work a new job opportunity fell into my lap and along with it an 80k raise. I more than doubled my yearly income and I would not have attracted this into my life or even asked for more when they made the first offer had it not been for Zoey and the work I’ve done with her. I am so grateful that I said yes to this program, it’s been so healing and really showed me how much my worth was collapsed with money but not anymore”.

-Caitie Philbrick





spirit frequency


magnetic sales


how to connect to your spirit team


launch strategy


getting fully booked with dream clients




magnetic messaging


spiritual consulting


this program has everything you need…

Making the decision to work with Zoey within her Money Course was hands down one of the best decisions I ever made or probably will make.

I have become enlightened in so many different aspects of my life, my thoughts, my worthiness – you simply cannot express in one statement how mind blowing this program is.  If you’re remotely on the fence about this program, immediately jump in and sign up.  Best decision you’ll ever make.”

– myra jean







I’m your local Conscious Money Creator & Spiritual Business Coach. It’s my absolute pleasure to teach women that they are The Lock & The Key to their truest thrive and abundance. You absolutely hold the key to your Inner Queendom. It’s up to you to Unlock it – & I walk with you on this path.

I help my clients come to a complete understanding of themselves with money so they can ditch the limiting beliefs and create the life of their dreams, receive the money they know and feel they are worthy of all while doing what they love.

As a coach I have successfully given myself many financial raises by utilizing NLP tools, practices, and techniques that help dissolve old stories and belief systems around money that are no longer of service to my higher income version of self. And I help my clients do the same.

I’ve grown my coaching income to consistent $8k sales months in less than a year in business for myself! Let’s do the same for you!


My courses provide a magical space that has helped dozens of other women to receive thousands of dollars in random checks in the mail, spontaneous refunds, non-spontaneous refunds, clients coming out of seemingly nowhere, large raises from their jobs, free things galore, upfront work pay, large settlements, money they didn’t know they had, and so many other money magic and miracles.

With my guidance my clients can step into their innate power and worthiness around money. They feel more safe, secure, and determined to create what they desire with ease and joy.

Let me show you that you can easily and effortlessly create the life you’ve truly been dreaming about, where you remove any blocks standing in your way and build an abundance mindset and true financial freedom.

Your life is truly meant to be lived to the fullest where you experience absolutely everything you desire! Travel, decadent foods, elegant coffee, education and expansion, creative ideas brought to life, being of service, philanthropy, and whatever else your heart desires…

Cheers to getting more money into the hands of passionate and purposeful women!